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Full Service Management

For the owner who doesn't want to deal with the day to day management aspects of being a landlord, Twin Oak offers Full Service Management. Twin Oak handles the daily management of your property and sends you monthly reports and proceeds. Each property is quoted a flat monthly fee for full service management.

Full Service Management includes:

  • Collection of rent
  • Dunning of delinquent tenants
  • Dealing with tenant relationship and behavior problems
  • Sending tenants invoices and monthly statements
  • Lease renewals (following Owner's instructions)
  • Preparation of Certificates of Rent Paid
  • Preparation of Monthly Profit and Loss Reports
  • Paying Bills and Mortgages for Property (if owner desires this service and as funds are available from rent proceeds.)
  • Remaining proceeds of rent to Owner with reports during the first ten days of subsequent month.

Leasing Services are provided with Full Time Managment at the standard Leasing Fee of 3/4 of first month's rent. Leasing Services when a part of Full Time Management package, include a 3 month guarantee. Leasing fee is paid to leasing agent during third month of a fully-paid tenancy.

Leasing Service

For the owner who needs to have some vacancies filled, we offer a stand alone Leasing Service. Twin Oak will advertise and show unit to prospective renters, obtain screening of applicants, complete all paperwork necessary (including lease and requests for utility service, and collect security deposit and first months rent. Owner pays for all advertising costs on an "as billed" status. The leasing fee of one month's rent is withheld from the collected funds and the remaining funds are transfered to owner along with the new tenant's data file.

Vacation Management

For the Landlord who needs a break from his properties, whether for a vacation or other reason, Twin Oak offers Vacation Management. Twin Oak would serve as the contact for the tenants while the owner is on vacation. Twin Oak's phone number would be given to tenants in a letter sent by the owner.

A basic per building fee of $25 per building per week is paid in advance for this service. Time expended during the service period is billed at $40.00 per hour for fielding phone calls and obtaining a resolution to problems / issues raised. Should maintenance issues arise, maintenance will be billed at the providers billed rate. Generally only emergency maintenance issues are dealt with during your absence. Regular non-emergency maintenance requests will be documented and reported to the owner to deal with upon vacation end. Payments for all services are due upon receipt of invoice. Invoices are delivered to the client upon completion of the client's vacation.

"Switchboard" Service

Switchboard Service offers owners the opportunity to have Twin Oak act as a buffer between the owner and tenants. Twin Oak would field incoming phone calls and in person inquires, prioritize, summarize and forward to appropriate parties the collected information. The owner is normally the party to whom the majority of the information that is gathered is forwarded. The fee for this service is $40 per hour billed on time expended. Invoices are prepared on a monthly basis and payment basis is due upon receipt of the invoices.

Other Services

For all other services, including bookkeeping and maintenance, contact the office at (651) 776-6630 or email to

Remember Twin Oak Management is willing to customize a program just for you. If you don't see exactly what you want here, call and ask to speak to an account representative. We can tailor a plan that will meet your needs.

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